Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars


Oh how yummy you truly are!

In the twinkling of an eye, the holidays are here. The shopping is done. The presents are wrapped. The cards have all been sent out. It is time to get cozy by the fire. Add a plate of crushed peppermint-topped Twinkling Stars cookies and mugs of steaming Spirited Hot Nutella Chocolate and you’ve got an evening of holiday magic. Just be sure to save a few stars and a mug of hot chocolate for Santa!

Downloadable, printable recipe here

Karla Jones Seidita
About Karla Jones Seidita 9 Articles
In her fifty-plus years as a food industry professional, Karla Jones Seidita has been a teacher, a writer, a restaurant and wholesale bakery owner as well as a regular host and contributor to popular radio shows. She is the owner and innkeeper of Cheesecake Farms, a Bed and Breakfast in Southern Fauquier county.

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