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Along with the bubbles, hats, noisemakers and other New Year’s accoutrements, there are the resolutions. New Year’s resolutions have a reputation of falling flat, with only 8-10% of people following through. The reason is that resolutions typically concern things we’re unhappy with about ourselves; we need to lose weight, exercise more, be more mindful. Why not flip the script this year and start this year with a plan – a plan for success. 

Eileen Carlucci-Moses is a life coach, mentor and the founder of Redesign Your Life Coach.  When she faced major life changes, she decided to redesign her own life by creating new possibilities in the areas that she wanted to transform. In order to get there she invested in herself by taking personal and professional development classes. 

Eileen has an impressive career as an entertainer. She studied dance and became a professional dancer performing on many stages including the world-famous Siegfried & Roy Show in Las Vegas. You might say that entertaining is in her blood, so naturally, the first version of her new career was hosting events for women. Redesigning her outlook on life gave her the idea to host her very first event.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Through that journey she met many incredible people, one of whom inspired her to take a course in leadership.  She attended a course at Landmark Forum in Alexandria and that was it; she was hooked and that one course turned into many. In fact, she recently completed a year-long team, management and leadership program and launched her coaching business simultaneously. Through this program, she learned the building blocks of success: the importance of committing to herself, making her goals a priority, and creating possibilities.  

Through her personal coaching, Eileen offers guidance and encouragement to anyone hungry for change and ready to commit to and fulfill their goals and dreams. One of the first conversations she has with a client deals with leaving old stories and self-limiting beliefs about themselves in the past and by doing so, opening up space to create the new. When I asked her about achieving goals (or resolutions, as it were) she offered the following plan to success:

  1. Build a Team

Whether you are making a decision to make a life change, or mapping out a journey for a trip you’ve always wanted to take, Eileen recommends you put together a team.  That team might consist of a travel agent, a travel buddy, and a friend who has already visited said destination and can provide recommendations. Consider your team your village.  With each new possibility, build a team that will support it. If you want to lose weight, maybe your team will consist of an accountability buddy, a personal trainer and a nutritionist. 

“Creating a team to support what you’re going to do is key. All successful people have teams around them,” Eileen says. 

  1. Plan everything in increments.

Eileen recommends planning goals in three-month increments and committing to whatever the goal is like it’s a done deal. Set a goal date and map out the steps to get there over those three months. Most importantly, put everything in your calendar. Even things that are reminders for you … it goes in the calendar. “The key is calendar management.  Giving your word to what you say you’re going to do. Declare it,” she suggests.

  1. Stick to one thing at a time.

Too many goals at once can be challenging to achieve. Create your possibilities and see them through by showing up every day.  “You can create something from nothing if you just show up and do the work,” she encourages.

  1. Celebrate your accomplishments.

“Keep evidence of your awesomeness and everything you’ve accomplished. Take out your journals, your laptop or whatever tools you used. Look through them and celebrate how much you’ve achieved.”

So pick one goal, commit to it, and make a plan. That’s how resolutions become reality. 

Frannie Barnes
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