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Teaching from experience

Over a decade in Japan, immersed in the Japanese culture and surrounded by their practice of Zen had a profound influence on Marianne Clyde. Her practice, The Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy was voted Best Counseling Center in 2017. Therapists at the Center help clients reconnect with their one true self. Clients work to achieve this reconnection to leave sessions feeling empowered and confident.

Therapists at the center view each client as already whole, perfect, and complete when they walk through the door. “I believe that everyone needs to reconnect with their creator. This recharging helps us to look past all the circumstances that are vying for our attention.” With the guidance from a therapist, clients work through the process of turning down the noise and reconnecting. “It is a simple process, but not an easy one,” says Clyde.

Professionals here acknowledge the many stressors present in today’s world. Clyde explains, “People are looking for good examples and strong leaders to follow. At the Center, we teach clients how to establish strength. We are all leaders, why not be good ones?” She continues, “No matter what you are doing, you are making an impact in some capacity. It should be a healthy one.”

Nearly two years ago Clyde implemented an intern program that expanded the Center by ultimately launching  new programs. Through her internship program, therapists are invited to work with her as they begin their own careers. “I want to give new therapists the opportunity that was given to me when I was starting out. I want them to live their dreams, and hope to help them,” she says. It is with this holistic and inclusive approach that the Marianne Clyde Center has made its mark on Warrenton.

Clyde feels it is a privilege to be working with the professionals who have come through her internship program and is grateful for the new energy and insight they have brought to the center. Anna Marie Evans, a therapist with the Center, developed a new program while interning that focuses on adolescents and diversion through a partnership with court services. Through such programs, the Center can expand its reach within the community.

Clyde is touched by the community support in being recognized as the Best Counseling Center, “The community has been very receptive to the programs we offer and the support has been overwhelming.”

On August 14, Clyde’s new book, Zentivity: How to Eliminate Chaos, Stress and Discontent in Your Workplace, will be available on

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