Pediatric Hospitalists Care for Children 24/7

Fauquier Hospital now provides around-the-clock, on-site physician expertise for pediatric patients. Hospitalists specializing in pediatrics will be available 24/7 throughout the hospital to provide medical expertise for babies and children.

In the Family Birthing Center

Eugene Suwandhi, M.D., pediatric medical director at Fauquier Health, explains that he and his fellow pediatric hospitalists will be catering to the needs of the pediatric population. The physicians’ main focus will be in the Family Birthing Center, assisting with deliveries where they are needed and making sure newborns are healthy.

Any babies who are born with health issues will be admitted to the NICU, where the pediatric hospitalists will oversee their care. If a newborn requires a higher level of care, the pediatric hospitalist can identify the problem and arrange for transfer to a tertiary facility in Fairfax or Charlottesville.

In the Emergency Department

Pediatric hospitalists will also be available for consultations on patient floors and in the Emergency Department. Dr. Suwandhi says, “Pediatric patients are unique, they are not merely little adults. Certain diseases and conditions present differently in children and require different treatment.”

For instance, he says, “Young children with pneumonia may have a fever and be fussy, but they don’t necessarily present with a cough, as adults do. Children younger than 5 present differently than those less than 2, and differently than those who are under a year. We may request blood work or X-rays earlier for a young child, depending on their symptoms.”

Dr. Suwandhi says that when children get dehydrated, they may not want to drink. “We may have to intervene sooner to rehydrate them than we would with an adult.”

On the other hand, he says, doctors can wait longer with a child before administering antibiotics. “Children’s bodies are more pure, in the sense that their organs still function really well. Their bodies are capable of stopping infections better than adults. Many illnesses are self-resolving in children that in adults, would require interventions. And they may respond more quickly to medicines.”

Dr. Suwandhi says there is another important difference between caring for children and adults: “With children, we administer weight-based medicine dosages; with adults, it is more often age-based.”

Anyone with questions about the pediatric hospitalist program may call 540-316-5080.

Pediatric Hospitalists at Fauquier Hospital:

Eugene Suwandhi, M.D., pediatric medical director

Amad Javid, M.D.

Jeremy Chaillet, M.D., pediatric medical director

Olabunmi Agboola, M.D.

Christa Thornberry, M.D.

Kimberly Sperber, CRNP

 Maryann Savage, NP

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