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Tim Hipp opens RxR3 Recovery Lounge to improve the lives of others

The neurotransmitter oxytocin has earned nicknames like “the love hormone” and “the cuddle hormone” due to its effect on relationships. But no term will be able to convey its complex role in our everyday lives. Tim Hipp, owner of RxR3 Recovery Lounge in Haymarket, says that oxytocin is released in our bodies by simply watching someone help someone. So if the act of watching it releases a hormone that stimulates feelings of empathy and happiness, you can imagine why it feels so good to actually help others. This feeling is what has Hipp hooked on offering his approach to relieving chronic pain, recovering from exercise, removing inflammation, and experiencing an active lifestyle to as many people as possible. “We are one of God’s greatest miracles and we should be living it every day,” says Hipp. His energy is hard for him to contain but serves as a testament to his passion for bringing this unique business to our community.

Hipp’s involvement in the wellness arena harks back to his college days studying for a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. This education gave him a solid foundation; working at a hospital wellness center while personal training on the side gave him real-world experience. An entrepreneur at heart, Hipp opened Wellness Solutions, a distributor of exercise equipment and flooring for sports facilities, in 1999. But through his work in the field, Hipp knew there was a side to exercise that had yet to be tapped into. He found something “broken” when he realized that others were working out but still not feeling functional. “What is wrong with my body?” is a phrase he would hear quite frequently. It was when he experienced this feeling himself during a diagnosis of Lyme disease that things took a personal turn. Inspired to act on his idea, he opened RxR3 Recovery Lounge in October of 2017.  

The three Rs of RxR3 stand for Rest, Restore, and Rejuvenate, and the services offered currently include Cryotherapy, Floatation Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Compression Therapy, and Whole Body Vibration, as well as the new Live O2 therapy that is his favorite… for the time being. Hipp has created a team of experts in the field who enthusiastically impart their knowledge to those who are completely new to the services or to those who have experienced it firsthand.

These recovery services, which were once only an opportunity for professional athletes, are now available to anyone seeking help with chronic pain, inflammation, and rapid recovery. When you reach a certain age, your body becomes naturally inflamed, says Hipp. “RxR3’s ultimate goal is to bring the body back to a healthy balance, allowing you to move better, whether in the game of sport or in the game of life,” says Kristianne Miller, general manager.

Floatation therapy is sweeping the nation and quickly gaining popularity for those looking for a different form of relaxation therapy. In ten inches of water and 1,100 pounds of epsom salt, you will become buoyant in water at a temperature close to the average person’s skin. This gives a feeling of losing track of where your body ends in a near-zero gravity experience. The tank also blocks sound and light so there is nothing to stimulate the mind or body. It is likened to taking a long nap even if you don’t actually fall asleep in the tank. Your body decompresses, stress hormones reduce, and muscles and joints relax.

Cryotherapy, which is basically extreme cold, exposes the body to gasiform nitrogen between -130 and -184 degrees for two to three minutes. This treatment uses the body’s natural healing abilities in the form of endorphins to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. The result is an energy increase, a boost in your immune system, and a self-healing of the body.

The opposite of cryotherapy is infrared sauna: extreme heat introduced to the body in a gentle, soothing, therapeutic method. The body’s tissues, joints, and muscles are exposed to the sauna’s heat, which relieves aches and pains and makes the heart pump faster. This stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, just as if you were exercising. The saunas at RxR3 can detoxify about seven times faster than traditional saunas.

During what RxR3 dubs the Fresh Legs Feeling, a pulsing compression therapy on the legs, hips, or arms maximizes circulation for faster recovery. This therapy simulates a muscle pump of the limbs to apply pressure and move fluid. On a visit to RxR3, you would see clients lined up along a wall in the compression chairs, whether they are a track star or just someone who wants to feel better quickly after a workout.

The Power Plate exposes the whole body to vibration therapy which improves circulation, flexibility, and reflexes. Basically, while on the vibration plate, your muscles will contract over and over each second, which results in improvements in strength, balance, and speed.

Hipp emphasizes that RxR3 Recovery Lounge will be introducing the newest therapies as they evolve. He has been traveling locally to introduce the new Live O2 therapy to athletes and interested customers in the wellness world. This therapy involves the user wearing a mask while exercising on a stationary bike; the oxygen levels alternate between forced air and low oxygen levels. The result is increased red blood cell production, a feeling of exhilaration, and energy like you haven’t experienced before.

If you have met Hipp already, then you already have a sense of his intensity and passion. With his undeniable enthusiasm and wide expertise, he can match any skeptic’s questions with a knowledgeable and direct answer as to how these therapies can enhance anyone’s life.

Hipp explains on his website: “Opening the RxR3 Recovery Lounge is a direct answer to the demand of the frenetic call on life. Countless individuals, young and old, desire to be able to do more. There seems, however, to be a barrier between what they would like to do and what they can do. RxR3’s goal is to synergistically overcome pain, fatigue, and poor performance so that an individual can LIVE vs. EXIST.”  

But this is only the beginning, Hipp says. His plans include continuing to make people aware of these life-changing therapies and make newer ones available as they evolve. Happily married with seven children, Hipp aims to show his family that maintaining a relationship with the “healer above,” helping others, and providing for yourself is what life is about. His validation comes from texts from clients, hugs, and watching people’s lives improve. One client actually told Hipp his life was saved by these therapies. Others have reported life changes such as being able to bend down and play with their children after years of pain. If you come into RxR3, you are signing up to create a better life for yourself, he says. And he and his team will be with you each step of the way to make that happen.

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