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Healing through Blu Room® light therapy

Story and photos by Lindsay Hogeboom

For 10 years, Sarah Shores suffered from Lyme disease. She had tried conventional medicine to treat her symptoms, but they were not alleviated and she continued to live with pain. That is, until five years ago, when Shores traveled to the West Coast to try a new technology, called the Blu Room®. “I got immediate relief in my first Blu Room session,” she says. Shores continued to visit Blu Rooms on the West Coast and in Canada — the very few places on the continent where this treatment was available at that time. The experience turned Shores into an advocate for the technology, and during the summer of 2020 she decided to bring the East Coast its first Blu Room by opening her own wellness center on West Lee Street in Warrenton.

About the Blu Room

The Blu Room is often described as futuristic, and with its octagonal shape, soft blue lighting, and polished stainless steel mirrors from floor to ceiling, it’s not difficult to see why. Together, these elements create a calming environment for users that isolates them from the many stimuli constantly competing for our attention in our daily environment.

During a typical 20-minute session, users lay on a bed in the center of the room and are soothed by calming music as they are exposed to limited amounts of ultraviolet B (UV-B) light that helps the body to produce vitamin D, or the “sunshine vitamin.” Vitamin D is known to provide a number of health benefits, including improved immune system function and better mood regulation. In addition, sound waves tuned to the frequency of 111 hertz resonate throughout the room. According to one study shared by Shores, the frequency of 111 hertz is associated with cell regeneration, which helps facilitate the healing process experienced in the Blu Room. “The combination of light, music, the 111 hertz and the shape of the room creates a relaxing atmosphere,” Shores says.

When a client arrives for a session, they begin by taking off their shoes, entering the Blu Room, laying down on the bed at the center, and adjusting the pillows for comfort. From there, Shores turns on the music, closes the door, and the session begins. “After the initial session, people report a variety of sensations, from feeling relaxed to experiencing pain relief,” says Shores. She recommends that for best results, new clients should begin with two sessions per week, and after a few weeks can adjust the frequency of their visits to fit their needs.

Bringing Wellness to Warrenton

“I have major respect for small business owners,” says Shores, who became one herself for the first time last August when she opened Warrenton Wellness in the midst of COVID-19. While some businesses were struggling to remain viable during the pandemic, Shores says it was opportune timing for opening her wellness center, given the nation-wide focus on health and healing, both physically and mentally. Having lived in Amissville for 28 years, she chose nearby Warrrenton because of its charm, especially Old Town. “Also, I knew there were people out there like me who would travel to experience the Blu Room, and Warrenton is a wonderful place to visit and is close to other places such as Shenandoah National Park.”

Shores emphasizes that while the Blu Room is not a medical device, many people do experience healing effects thanks to the deep relaxation it facilitates. A “Frequently Asked Questions” document from Shores’s center explains, “Since the mind is the greatest healer and the mind is inextricably intertwined with DNA, the Blu Room can augment a person’s natural healing abilities.” However, the results vary by individual. “People get out of it what they put into it,” says Shores. “It’s been wonderful to see what kinds of people walk through the door, [including] people like me for whom conventional medicine wasn’t working.” Shores asserts that while the Blu Room is not a replacement for conventional medicine, it is a great supplement to add to any treatment routine.

For others who may not be experiencing physical pain, the Blu Room can be beneficial to mental health, providing an experience similar to meditation. “One of the things I hope people take away is the importance of their thoughts,” says Shores. “Our self-talk has an effect [on our overall health].”

As for future plans, Shores says she would like to strengthen her connections with veterans and first responders — communities Shores is familiar with due to her previous experience in the United States Coast Guard and the Department of Defense. It is not uncommon for people working in these fields to experience post-traumatic stress disorder, and Shores believes the Blu Room at her wellness center can help to combat the symptoms of this mental health condition.

No matter the reason for their visit, it is “very rewarding to watch people find relief,” says Shores. “When you’re exposed to positive frequencies, it changes things. How many people take the time to do that?” For the Warrenton and surrounding communities, Shores hopes it will be more thanks to the light therapy she provides at Warrenton Wellness.



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