Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Tubs, showers and lights are the focus in 2018

By Kim Jenkins and Dylan Hall

According to online studies, the average person spends about one and a half years in the bathroom, going into the room at least six times every day. When you spend this much time in one place, you want to enjoy being there. Whether you seek an old-school feel, or modern environment, the bathroom options continue to expand. There are a multitude of new items homeowners may incorporate into a renovation to suit specific tastes, achieving the perfect look and feel – just right for you.

The 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show portrayed many hot trends, some of which included shower heads and sink faucets that provide users with functional options, while conserving water. Rain shower heads mounted in the ceiling were also depicted as the big item to incorporate into your bathroom; some even featured Bluetooth speakers in them. Others include a remote-control which features pre-set temperature controls. With the push of a button, a homeowner can start their shower and get in once the water is at the perfect temperature.

Another renovation trend shown this year is to remove generic, oversized jacuzzi-style tubs and replace them with a standalone unit. There are a few benefits to the standalone tubs. First, this solution allows you to place your bathtub anywhere you like – even if ti is in the middle of the room. This type of tub utilizes less floor space, and provides homeowners an easier way to clean around the fixture. Additionally, the standalones are offered in a wide variety of styles; simply select the one which is right for your particular needs.

If you prefer a vintage look consider the Sinkology Heisenberg clawfoot tub. If you strive for a modern aesthetic, a good fit would be the Aqua Eden Fusion because of its sleek, flowing design. As homeowners update a bathroom with their personal style, the shower is another consideration. Replace fiberglass units with custom tile options. This transition is now occurring much more frequently in the remodeling field. A custom tile shower may include niches, benches, and borders wherever is suitable to individual needs. And it also allows homeowners to complement the overall interior design elements of the room.

A common problem many people struggle with in their bathroom is the feeling of being crammed. If your space is limited there are solutions which may help when you remodel. Frameless glass shower doors are one of those options. This type of door is made of real glass, but without the typical aluminum frame. Without the frame, more light is able to shine through, and the eye more drawn from one end of the room to the other, without blocking off any particular area. This in turn provides the appearance of a larger space. Additionally, these doors are not only pleasing to look at, but they are stronger than your average shower door. Plus, they are much easier to clean since there is no frame around the edges. All around, frameless doors are a must-have in a bathroom renovation.

Another consideration in customized design is light fixtures. Whether you opt for a single light fixture with three to five lights, or single sconces, adding a dimmer option to any of your electrical components will assist you in creating a new feel to your room. Choose a brighter light source, or opt create a spa-like feel in your bathroom. With the touch of a dimmer, you may modify the feel each time you enter.

Remember trends are a way to modernize your bathroom. Keep in mind you are the one utilizing the space daily, so include your personal preferences. And as you upgrade your bathroom with the myriad of options, there is no doubt your average six times per day in the bathroom will increase.

About the author: Kim Jenkins and husband, Mark, are the owners of Genesis Home Improvement. Kim earnered her bachelor’s degree through Liberty University, and is a 2017 graduate of Leadership Fauquier. She is an active member in the community, serving on the board for Be the Change Foundation. She may be reached at 540-439-HOME(4663),, or you may view the website at

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