Best of Haymarket/Gainesville 2019: Best Antiques and Furniture/Interior Design

Best Antiques and Furniture/Best Interior Design

The Spotted Leopard

One day about ten years ago, Nadine Hollingsworth noticed her designer friend’s home looked quite different due to one small change – she had painted her furniture.

Intrigued, Nadine asked her friend to show her how to transform pieces like she did her own and the friend walked her through the process and introduced her to Annie Sloan chalk paint. The minute Nadine picked up a paint brush, she fell in love with the endless possibilities available to her. She even took a class taught by Annie Sloan (a pioneer in chalk paint and painted furniture who travels from the United Kingdom to teach others how to use her products) and Miss Mustard Seed, another well-known European furniture painter. 

Shortly thereafter, Nadine and her family were impacted by the housing market crash and it seemed like the perfect time to use her hobby to make extra income for her family. The Spotted Leopard was born.

“I figured, why not do something I love while taking care of my family at the same time? We are so grateful for the support from our community in helping us get to where we are today,” Nadine said. 

The Spotted Leopard is a family business. Husband Michael helps fill any role that is needed including invoicing and installations, while daughter Mackenzie operates as the marketing manager and website designer. The family has been welcomed warmly by the community and, as a result, the company has grown rapidly; this is its second year winning Best Of in Lifestyle.

Today, The Spotted Leopard’s repertoire includes both painted furniture and cabinetry.  Nadine’s painstaking research lead to the discovery of products that deliver durability and beauty, important qualities when painting kitchen cabinetry and other high-traffic pieces. The company also uses an HVLP spraying system in a climate-controlled spray room to give pieces a factory-like finish instead of a hand-painted feel. 

As it says on the website, The Spotted Leopard is both “consultative and responsive to their client’s needs.”  This means that if a client already has a clear vision of what they want, The Spotted Leopard will meet it. But if a client wants a change but doesn’t know where to start, the company is ready to rise to the challenge and provide design advice. The Spotted Leopard also collaborates with other designers. 

“My favorite type of job is when we work with designers to help completely change someone’s kitchen while still using the footprint of the space. Just by updating countertops, backsplash, and cabinetry, you can completely transform the look of almost any kitchen. The results are refreshing, and making the client feel excited about their home is so rewarding,” Nadine said.

For the DIYer looking to dip a toe into the paint-it-yourself pool, Nadine advises that you do your research and use the right products to achieve maximum results.  Paying attention to the prep work – cleaning, sanding, and priming – is crucial to obtaining a smooth, beautiful finish that will last.

To schedule a consultation or for more information about The Spotted Leopard, please call or visit the website.

P: 571-285-8151 / W:
FB: @thespottedleoparddesigns 

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