Creating Curb Appeal

Showcase your home with bright flowers.

Showcase your home with bright flowers on your front porch or steps so your home’s first impression is a hit

By Mary Austin

Now that the cold weather months are gone, think spring. Let’s take a look at your front porch or steps.  What do you see? If nothing pops out at you, then it is time to get to work. When your front entrance looks beautiful, it adds tons of curb appeal to your home. The addition of some decorative pots and flowers truly goes a long way.

Start by selecting the plants for the project. Most covered porches are going to be shaded, or at best, provide partial sun exposure.  So it is important to make sure you pick plants that are shade-tolerant. The problem with using full-sun plants in partial sun is the flowers will quickly lose their blooms if they are placed in the shade.

Follow these few simple steps and it will help create a front porch colorscape that will be the envy of neighborhood.


  • Container: select your favorite one or purchase a new one, making sure it has a drainage hole.
  • Plants: one large and lush, two medium size, and two creeping plants
  • Organic Espoma potting soil: ideal for container gardening.
  • Stones: adding them to the pot assists with ensure proper drainage.
  • Organic Plant-Tone fertilizer: It is a natural, all-purpose premium blend with a biotone formula which helps provide for bigger growth and blooms. This product is long-lasting and provides slow release of nutrients for your plants.
  • Weed fabric: a good product to have on hand to cover up the hole in the bottom of the pot so the soil will not get all over your porch or step.

Once you have all the necessary supplies, it’s time to pull it all together!

  • Place the weed fabric on the hole in the bottom of the pot. Then put about one inch of stone in the pot for drainage. Fill the container with potting soil, to a couple of inches below the pot rim.
  • Start with the large plant. Remove from the grower’s pot and gently loosen the roots before placing it in your container. Place the large plant in the back of the pot. Now repeat for the medium and creeping plants. You will place the medium plants and the creeping plants around the sides of the large plant.
  • Fertilize on top of the soil with the Plant-Tone fertilizer.
  • Place some stone on top of the soil—this will help keep the soil in the pot when you water.
  • Water your plants, and continue to water as needed.

Now you are done. Stand back and admire the art you just created!

If you need help with designing your front porch colorscape, visit a local garden center or nursery, such as Lee Highway Nursery, and you can work with professionals on a flower design. For more information on Lee Highway Nursery, call them at 540-347-5640 or visit their website at

Mary Austin
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Mary Austin is the Garden Center Manager at Lee Highway Nursery. She is a Master Gardener and VA Certifi ed Horticulturist who has worked in the landscape industry since 1978. Lee Highway Nursery is located at 7159 Burke Ln, Warrenton. For more information call 347-5640 or visit

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