Everything Old Can Be New Again…

To you, or someone else!

The start of a new year usually inspires people to come up with resolutions to do or achieve something over the next twelve months. Sadly, most of us ditch those goals before the month of January is gone. So how about making a resolution that’s relatively easy to keep, has no deadline to be accomplished by, and is good for everybody? I’m suggesting we all commit to making old things new again. This simple pledge could potentially have a huge impact on our landfills, not to mention our pocketbooks. There are lots of ways to give new life to old things.  Here are just a few.

Go with a pro to…


Nadine Hollingsworth, owner of The Spotted Leopard in Gainesville, specializes in what I like to call environmental refreshment. The company paints kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and furniture. This breathes new life into existing pieces and saves homeowners thousands of dollars (not to mention the headache of living through a remodeling project), and lessens the burden on our landfills.


Mark Harrington, owner of Remix Market in Warrenton, saves as many items as possible from the doom of the dumpster and turns them into stately home décor and furnishings. Harrington rejects the notion of trashing things simply because they don’t look attractive or are slightly damaged and says, “By reviving, repurposing or upcycling the pieces brought to Remix Market, we are not only reducing what ends up in a landfill but giving these items a new life.”


Dillon Jewell, part-time arborist, and owner of Great Run Woodworks in Warrenton, takes his DIY efforts to the extreme by painstakingly creating exquisite woodworking home décor from lumber salvaged from removals or – and this is the awesome part – lumber salvaged from your own yard. The tree that had to go? Now it can become a cutting board for your kitchen or a set of coasters you can use or give as a gift. It could even become a table or door or desk. The options are almost endless.


Embrace your inner do-it-yourselfer

If you have a creative bent, time, and patience, you can tackle any of these forms of artsy DIY creation or restoration techniques. You can find lots of terrific educational information on Pinterest and YouTube (both of which are perfect for learning at your own pace), and if you’re really into it, try taking a class at AR Workshop in Bristow, or Remix Market or Past Reflections Antiques, both in Warrenton.

Connect with your inner Marie Kondo

Last but not least, a fantastic way to make old things new again is by donating or consigning them to places where others can discover them. I’m talking about the “old things” taking up valuable space in your closets, drawers, attic, basement, under the beds, and in the garage. Things like furniture, clothing, rugs, gifts you never got to return, household accessories and tchotchkes. Simply ask yourself, a la Marie Kondo, if the item sparks joy. If the answer is no, donate or consign it and give your “old thing” a chance to enjoy new life in someone else’s home. There are several places in our area eager to take your items: The Copper Cricket Consignment in Haymarket, Do You Dejavu in Warrenton, House of Mercy in Manassas, and the ReStore in Warrenton. 

Resources for the Resolute

Keep Your Resolution with These Resources 

The Spotted Leopard

Custom Painted Cabinetry and Furniture

Facebook: @thespottedleoparddesigns

Email: nadine@thespottedleoparddesigns.com

Web: thespottedleoparddesigns.com

Phone: (571) 285-8151


Remix Market

Used Furniture and Funky Home Decor

6632 Electric Avenue, Warrenton

Facebook: @remixmarketwarrenton

Email: remixmarketnova@gmail.com

Phone: (540) 340-3856


Great Run Woodworks

Architectural Salvage

Facebook: @GreatRunWoodworks  

Web: etsy.com/shop/GreatRunWoodworks


AR Workshop

Facebook: @arworkshopbristow

Email: bristow@arworkshop.com

Web: arworkshop.com/bristow

Phone: (703) 479-7096

Past Reflections Antiques

26 Main St, Warrenton

Phone: (540) 935-2375


The Copper Cricket

Household Consignment Shop  

15026 Washington Street, Haymarket

Facebook: @thecoppercricketconsignments

Email: thecoppercricket@yahoo.com

Phone: (703) 743-2346


Do You Déjàvu

Upscale Clothing Consignment Shop

43 Main St., Warrenton

Facebook: @doyoudejavu

Email: sandra@doyoudejavu.com

Web: doyoudejavu.com

Phone: (540) 347-7743


House of Mercy Thrift and Consignment Store

8170 Flannery Ct Manassas

Facebook: @HouseofMercyVA

Email: info@houseofmercyva.org

Web: houseofmercyva.org

Phone: (703) 659-1636


Fauquier Habitat ReStore

617 Frost Ave., Warrenton

Facebook: @fauquierhabitat.restore 

Email: restore@fauquierhabitat.org

Web: fauquierhabitat.org

Phone: (855) 914-3447


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