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For those who enjoy a touch of drama, Current Mood by CLARE offers a sophisticated intensity and allure.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference 

Many of us see the freshness of fall as the perfect time to revitalize our space.That’s why Lifestyle asked Cheryl Kinsey of Interior Eloquence and Maria Loveless of the L&L Design Team for some quick and inexpensive ways to give our interiors a boost. Read on for their terrific tips, insight on what’s trending, and realistic perspectives on a few projects you probably shouldn’t tackle without a pro. 

Lifestyle (L): What are your top three suggestions for clients looking to refresh their home?

Cheryl Kinsey (CK): My top three suggestions are to change out accessories, pillows, and area rugs. Things like pillows may need a refresh and having a different set of accent pillows for fall/winter and spring/summer helps to keep a room feeling renewed and in season. In addition, changing out an area rug can really perk up a space. 

Maria Loveless (ML): I usually suggest creating a statement wall, replacing hardware, and changing the window treatments. A statement wall is an easy way to make a big change with a few coats of paint or wallpaper. Replacing the hardware on kitchen cabinets, TV consoles, dressers or sideboards takes no time and really rejuvenates a room, and changing the window treatments is probably one of the easiest ways to freshen things up. 

“Borscht” by Sherwin Williams

L: What design trends are you seeing become popular, and which are on the wane?

CK: One popular trend is creating warm and cozy spaces that make you want to spend time in them. The warmth can come from the colors as well as the feel of the textiles. Durable fabrics are really in now. Warm colors, like greens, browns, and deep oranges, as well as warm pastel colors, are very popular. And let’s not forget houseplants. People are filling their homes with houseplants of all sizes. With regard to waning trends, we’re seeing less subway tile and the color gray.

ML: Green cabinets look like they might be one of the biggest kitchen trends this year. They’re a fun way to add drama plus green goes well with cool and warm color palettes. In terms of trends that are on the decline, matching furniture sets are on their way out, finally! They do nothing to showcase your personal style. 

L: Is there a particular design trend you like or dislike? Why?

CK: I’m not pro or con with any particular design trends. Two new trends that I’m seeing and like are Cottage Core, which is replacing French Cottage with a more casual and relaxed feel, and Grand Millennial which puts a modern twist on Traditional. Good design is personal – it fits you and your space – and is timeless too.

ML: I’m a big fan of bold monochromatics. Pale, soft monochromatics were in for a long time. Now, I’m loving the new approach of bold colors applied the same way. Colors like Current Mood, Borscht, or Naval. They make very classy statements. In terms of disliking a trend, I’ve never been a fan of industrial style. I always felt that it was a bit harsh and cold.

“Naval” by Sherwin Williams

L: What’s the quickest way to breathe new life into a space without breaking the bank?

CK: I would say fresh paint, new or additional light fixtures, and new area rugs.

ML: Reduce visual clutter. Remove some of the busy wall art, declutter the wire storage baskets, and clear space on your bookshelves to help them look clean and stylish. 

L: Among those clients who like to do things themselves, what’s one or two projects you wish they’d leave to the pros? 

CK: Major renovations like gutting the kitchen or bathroom. I’ve heard stories of people starting a master bath renovation and for one reason or another ran into a problem and haven’t returned to the job for over 6-8 months. 

ML: One is space planning. So many clients buy furniture that’s too big for the space. And the other is kitchens. There are so many selections to be made and so many mistakes that can happen if you don’t know what you are doing.

About Cheryl Kinsey

Cheryl Kinsey is an interior design consultant and interior decorator in the Haymarket/Gainesville area. She’s been creating lovely, livable spaces since 2001. For more information, visit InteriorEloquence.com or call 703-909-9013. 

About Maria Loveless

Maria Loveless is an interior designer in Manassas. Her studio offers full service interior design for both residential and commercial projects. For more information, visit MariaLoveless.DecoratingDen.com or call 703-330-4451.

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