Fall Refresh

Organize and declutter your home as we head into autumn

Summer’s over, and the kids are back in school. For many of you, this means more time spent in your office space, and by the way, what happened to it over the past weeks? Does it look like a cyclone of papers went through? There’s nothing more than a disorganized office area to make you feel tense and unable to concentrate. Use a day or two now to finally organize it to make time in the future more productive. And while you’re at it, get to the pantry too, and your cleaning supplies, to make the rest of life go more smoothly. Professional organizer Caitlin Adkins of Spaces Organized and Styled in Warrenton gives us her professional advice to help us get our homes back under control for once and for all.

Caitlin Adkins is the Owner & Founder of Spaces Organized & Styled, LLC based in Fauquier County. She is a proud NAPO member and holds three specialist certificates; Residential Organizing, Household Management and Life Transitions. Caitlin has been organizing and decluttering homes and businesses for the past 5 years in the NOVA area, specializing in life transitions such as downsizing, rightsizing, and relocating.

Schedule out remaining 2021 and start planning 2022 with a monthly calendar. Also, give yourself a catch all space for pens, post-it notes, and of course lip gloss for zoom meetings.

Bins can be used to hold the home's tech items such as cords, extra phone chargers, overstock of kid's craft items, as well as larger office items that do not fit into the drawer such as light bulbs and batteries. By adding bin clips and labels, any member of the family can easily find what they need without searching through a junk drawer. Installing custom built closets from Closet Factory ensures you are maximizing the space you have.

Set up good processes in your home office with mail coming in. Make easy sections for "Action, File/Inbox, Shred". Pro tip: put the shredder close by.

Did you know that Dawn dish liquid is one of the best treatments for grease stains on clothing? Dab some on the stains right away, rub it in gently, and let it sit until laundry day. So of course it should be front and center in your newly organized laundry with all the other cleaning supplies.

Make meals/dinners easy by pre-sorting foods into categories, and put kids' healthy snacks low to the ground for easy access after school (put the less healthy occasional treats up higher and out of sight!). Use bins for chips so they don’t get crushed, and clear containers for cereal will make it easier to tell when it’s time to put them on the grocery list.

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