Oh, Christmas Tree

Choosing the right one, and where to find it locally.

Picking out and decorating the Christmas tree is arguably one of the most beloved holiday traditions. In fact, it’s right up there with leaving cookies out for Santa. But did you know that the tradition of decorating trees dates back hundreds of years and that there’s an incredible variety of firs, pines, and spruces from which to choose? Well it does and there are! Read on for a brief history of the Christmas tree and a look at the pros and cons of several of the most popular types. And don’t miss the link at the end of this feature. Use it to find your perfect tree at a Christmas tree farm near you.

History of the Christmas Tree

Evergreen trees have been important throughout history and across many cultures. During the dark times of winter when crops did not grow and the sun did not shine, evergreen boughs were often hung throughout villages as a way to represent the coming spring and the bounty it would bring.

Christian Germans are first credited with the tradition of bringing decorated trees into their home, and Martin Luther (a 16th century Protestant reformer) is even believed to have started the tradition of hanging lights in trees after walking home and seeing the stars twinkle through the branches of the evergreens. America, however, was quite late to the game on this one: up until the 19th century, Christmas trees were viewed as having pagan ties and most frivolous celebrations of Christmas were looked down upon. It was only when trendsetting Queen Victoria and her husband, Albert, were sketched in a comic gathered around a Christmas tree that people began to embrace the decorated evergreen tree.

The Types of Christmas Trees

Balsam Fir
Pros: These trees have a great dark-green color and pyramid shape, and they have a strong Christmas scent.
Cons: The branches are flexible and as such, not great for holding up heavy ornaments.

Douglas Fir
Pros: This common tree usually has light or blue-green needles that won’t shed and have a sweet scent.
Cons: These trees tend to be on the short and compact side, and they aren’t great at holding up heavy ornaments.

Fraser Fir
Pros: Fraser Firs have a strong and lasting scent and are great for holding up heavier ornaments.
Cons: These trees have a dense and compact look.

Noble Fir
Pros: This tree is classic looking and smelling, and is well equipped to hold heavy ornaments.
Cons: The limbs and needles are shorter than average on this tree.

White Fir
Pros: The soft blue-green needles carry a citrusy scent and don’t fall off easily.
Cons: These trees take a long time to grow and as such, can lean on the more expensive side.

Blue Spruce
Pros: The silver-blue needles don’t shed and this tree has a wonderful symmetrical shape that can also support heavier ornaments.
Cons: The needles are sharp and unscented, unless they break, in which case they will have an unpleasant smell.

Norway Spruce
Pros: The Norway Spruce is cone-shaped and carries a mild and pleasing scent throughout the gorgeous forest-green needles.
Cons: This tree tends to shed its sharp needles.

White Spruce
Pros: The gray-green needles hold much better than most spruces, and this tree can also support heavier ornaments.
Cons: The needles have an unpleasant odor when crushed, and the needles still tend to drop some.

Scots Pine
Pros: This popular Christmas tree holds its needles well and has a long-lasting pine scent.
Cons: The color is not as vibrant as many Christmas trees and crooked trunks are common.

White Pine
Pros: The soft blue-green needles hold well and are best for those with sensitive noses or allergies to pine scents. This tree is very tall, which makes it great for rooms with high ceilings, and is affordable.
Cons: This tree has virtually no scent and cannot support heavy ornaments.

Where to Get Your Christmas Tree

*Live trees available with the root balls for replanting

Clarke County

Ashcroft Farm
Address: 751 Kitchen Lane, White Post
Phone: 540-837-1240

Chilly Hollow Christmas Tree Farm
Address: 1642 Chilly Hollow Road, Berryville
Phone:  610-574-0008

*Moose Apple Christmas Tree Farm
Address: 2425 Wickliffe Road, Berryville
Phone: 540-955-2450

Culpeper County

Bees & Trees Farm
Address: 18028 Carrico Mills Road, Elkwood
Phone:  540-423-9020

Glengary Tree Farm
Address: 5537 Glengary Lane, Amissville
Phone: 540-937-3021

Oak Shade Farm
Address: 14455 Waterford Run Lane, Rixeyville
Phone: 540-937-5062

‘Peper’Mint Christmas Tree Farm
Address: 12063 Eggbornsville Road, Culpeper
Phone: 540-825-4693

Fauquier County

Address: 10699 Ada Road, Marshall
Phone: 540-364-3166

Buckland Farm Market
Address: 4484 Lee Highway, New Baltimore
Phone: 540-341-4739

Hartland Farm – Hank’s Christmas Trees
Address: 3205 Hartland Lane, Markham
Phone: 540-532-0436

JB’s Christmas Tree Farm
Address: 11192 Rogues Road, Midland
Phone: 540-788-4035

KK Christmas Trees
Address: 5867 Free State Road, Marshall
Phone: 540-364-1130
*Note: Cash Only

Stribling Trees at Oldacre’s Farm
Address: 11587 Poverty Hollow Lane, Markham
Phone: 540-364-1206

Warrenton Boy Scouts Christmas Trees
Address: 251 W Lee Highway, Warrenton
Phone: 540-212-1490

Loudoun County

Buttonwood Farm
Address: 22042 Newlin Mill Road, Middleburg
Phone: 540-687-3260

Country Loving Christmas Tree Farm
Address: 40824 Red Hill Road, Leesburg
Phone: 703-929-4749

*Loudoun Nursery, Inc
Address: 16463 Short Hill Road, Purcellville
Phone: 540-338-4635

Lowelands Farm
Address: 21344 Steptoe Hill Road, Middleburg
Phone: 540-687-6923

Middleburg Christmas Tree Farm
Address: Christmas Tree Lane, Round Hill
Phone: 540-554-8625

Milltown Creek Tree Farms
Address: 38757 Householder Road, Lovettsville
Phone: 540-822-5428

Pruitt’s Little Farm
Address: 16477 Woodgrove Road, Round Hill
Phone: 540-338-2852

Snickers Gap Christmas Tree Farm
Address: 34350 Williams Gap Road, Round Hill
Phone: 540-554-8323

Prince William County

Burnside Farms
4905 James Madison Hwy., Haymarket
Contact: 703-728-4716

Evergreen Acres  
Address: 12801 Hazelwood Drive, Nokesville
Contact: jim@evergreenacres.biz

Harlan Tree Farm
Address: 8940 Burwell Road, Nokesville
Contact: harlantree@verizon.net

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