Old Town Warrenton Holiday Shopping Guide  

Shop local for thoughtful, budget friendly gifts this holiday season

The holidays are fast approaching – do you need to purchase gifts for teachers, friends, a hostess of an event, or family members? Christmas and Hanukkah gifts are sometimes tough to select, especially in an affordable manner. But if you consider purchasing from local retailers and service providers, you will receive personal help, budget friendly options, and you will be giving back to your community. Many places in Old Town Warrenton provide patrons a range of gift options for 30 dollars or less, as do so many of our local stores in the town of Warrenton and all other parts of the county.

Visit local retailers and service providers and you will truly find friendly, personal service and gifts to suite your needs. Shop local – you won’t be disappointed. Please take note this is not a comprehensive list of all the amazing options in our county. This information focuses on just some of the options in Old Town Warrenton. Take the time and shop in one of our county stores you have never been to before, you may find exactly what you are looking for.

Accessories, clothes and shoes enthusiasts.

Unique options await you on your shopping excursions. Pursue consignment options at Do You Deja Vu? Or gather some accessories at Christine Fox, or B Boutique. And don’t forget the shoes…repairs of a favorite boot thought to be useless, or special leather cleaners for your footwear, all are an option (and a great stocking stuffer as well). Here is a list of stores offering clothing items in Old Town.

Animal admirers on your list.

Besides the big chain stores, there are places to go to purchase smaller gift items that will not break the bank. From a special delicious treat for the canines, to catnip for the felines to a special grooming supplies, even a tool, for the horse riders in your life. Not to mention, you may be able to find some amazing cards, or other accessories that offer the pet-lover on your list a little unique gift that will surely delight. Or consider donating to a rescue organization that helps the gift recipient’s favorite animal – from horse to dogs to even other animals there is a rescue organization that needs and welcomes support.

For the Kids

There are many places to search for the perfect fun toy for a child on your list. Anything from games, toys, musical instruments and lessons are all available locally.

Donations make great gifts

What do you give that someone on your list who has “everything?” What if you want to provide a gift that keeps on giving? There is an option to consider to these questions: providing a donation in the name of the gift recipient – tailored of course to the individual’s preference. There are several small, local charitable organizations that need donations to provide the amazing services they do within our community. Listed below are some in Old Town that would greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness, as would your gift recipient. For a more detailed list of local nonprofits, contact the PATH Foundation Resource Center.

Food lovers can rejoice.

Consider purchasing a gift certificate for a local restaurant or brewery. You can specify the amount, but 30 dollars or less is a great way for your loved one to try some bread, coffee, tea, an appetizer, a lunch, or a sweet treat on you.

Gardeners on your list.

Flowers are a perfect gift for a neighbor or host or hostess of a party you are attending. Warrenton offers many local florists to choose from, plus many of these retail locations offer small seasonal plant items or tools – perfect for those who love to bring the outdoors in.

Gifts and home decor items – especially unique ones – abound.

Wall hangings, small trinkets, pottery, soap, lotions, and many other unique items can be located in so many of our stores. Don’t forget the old-fashioned, locally made Rhode’s Drugstore Vanilla you can find in Old Town. It makes a great unique gift for the bakers in your family. Inspiration awaits and you will have fun perusing all the amazing items – you may even find one for yourself! There is even something for the history buffs on your list. Oh…don’t forget the candy…Black Bear Mercantile & Butcher Shop and VonCanon General store offers candy and specialty items perfect for the stocking, or as a little extra item to accompany the bow on a present.

The hobbyists.

The options are exciting here in Old Town. For the knitters, the quilters, the train lovers, cyclists, and artists, there are many items that will be the perfect fit.

The jewelry lovers.

Unique, vintage, handcrafted options are plentiful. Take your time and stroll through Old Town visiting each one of these destinations to find the perfect gift. Meet the owners who will delight you with their knowledge and customer service skills.

The music, art, and literary lovers.

The arts are such an enjoyment in our lives and overall town’s atmosphere. Whether you are an artist, photographer, writer (or book lover), or musician, Old Town offers some great options. Select the gift of a demo lesson, sheet music, an accessory to an instrument, donate to support art scholarships, or purchase a painting or print that would brighten someone’s day.

Relaxation and beauty enthusiast.

Spas and beauty salons in the local area offer many items, even gift cards that would be ideal for those who love some rest and relaxation, or products that help with skin or hair care. Here are just some of the numerous options in and around town. Also, don’t forget, many local dermatologists offer specialty skin care and makeup that may be a great fit for someone on your list.

Wine and beer options.

If your holiday list includes individuals with a preference for wine or beer, there are several options for you to seek out. Many local retail stores offer a wide selection of wine and beer, and may even be able to order you an item that is not available anywhere else in the area. The customer service is always good, and you will be able to have your questions answered by people knowledgeable in libations. If a cold brew is preferred, a gift certificate to Wort Hog Brewery is also an option for the microbrew aficionados. Even just outside of the town, there are alternative options for the beer enthusiast. Check out all the nearby breweries.

As you can see, Old Town Warrenton offers many shopping options, as do all the businesses in our county. Enjoy the season – you may even bump into people you haven’t had the chance to visit with lately while you are shopping in town! Let us know about your shopping experiences for 30 dollars and under by posting on Facebook or Twitter and tag us and Experience Old Town Warrenton. You may also use the #warrentonxmas. Happy holidays.

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