Ring in the Season with a Homemade Wreath

A wreath is a harbinger of the holidays, a chance to show off your individual style, and a lovely way to greet guests. Stored properly, it can last for years and become a staple of your seasonal decorating. And yes, making your own wreath can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening. Follow the simple steps here to create one for yourself or to give as a gift. Note: Please read through the directions prior to starting your project. Thanks!

What You’ll Need

  • Wire wreath base: a base made of a few connecting circles of wire that looks similar to a frame
  • Thin green wire (25-30 gauge wire is best)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or glue gun
  • Lots of artificial pine, cypress, spruce, fir, or evergreen bunches
  • Red berries, snow-capped pine cones, ornaments, or other decorations
  • Battery-powered tea candles or Christmas lights
  • Spray snow if you want a snow-capped wreath
  • Gold or silver spray paint if you’d like some shine

How to Make Your Wreath

  1. Begin by forming a solid bundle of greenery. Pinch the stems together, lay it on the wreath base and wrap floral wire around it a few times.
  2. Continue this process all around the wreath base. As you add each bundle, overlap the previous one by half, then wrap the wire around the stems. Continue adding bundles until you reach the starting point.
  3. If you’d like, you can now intersperse clusters of holly, pinecones, bells, fruits, or other embellishments between the greenery bundles.
  4. Want a more wintery feel? Add a touch of “snow” to your creation.  Holding a bottle of spray snow a good distance from the wreath to prevent clumps, lightly spray the tops of the bundles. If you’d rather skip the mess, you can always purchase pre-snowed greenery at the store.
  5. For shimmer and shine, spray-paint a portion of the greenery gold or silver before making the bundles. This will also extend the wreath’s life.
  6. Like the look of your wreath? Congratulations. You’re done! Still looking for some extra oomph? Add ornaments with hot glue or work battery-powered tea lights or Christmas lights through the greenery. It’s your wreath, so use what makes you feel festive.

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