Letter From the Editor, Haymarket and Gainesville Lifestyles, August 2019

It’s that time again… Time for the kids to head back to school. Time to squeeze in that last trip to the beach. And time for our annual Best Of awards!

To all of you who voted, thank you. To all who are featured on the following pages, congratulations. Eugene’s Sausage and Fries, you’re on my must-try list. The Spotted Leopard, please, oh please, come redo my kitchen. It’s an honor to be the editor of Lifestyle and to read and write about the many wonderful businesses we have in our backyard, but it can also make you fat and broke. (Fair warning to Amanda Jedamski, named best coach/trainer of 2019, I have your phone number and I’m not afraid to use it.)

Going beyond our Best Of winners, the issue you’re holding features several terrific stories. Don’t miss Mark Luna’s visit to Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg or Megan Casilli’s informative feature on how to help kids make going back to school a snap. In addition, definitely check out the article on Going Gainesville! and Lifestyle’s exciting new partnership with the popular Facebook program. For gardeners of every level of expertise, there are tips on attracting butterflies to your garden and creating window boxes like the Brits, and for those looking for a pastime that can be done anytime, don’t miss Pam Kamphuis’ fabulous feature on genealogical research. Discovering one’s roots has never been more popular, and Pam will show you how.

Until next time, congratulations again to all our Best Of winners, thank you to all who voted, and special thanks to Frannie Barnes for a great job writing all the Best Of profiles in this issue.


Read online!

Read online!

Susan McCorkindale
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Susan McCorkindale is a mom, autism and mental health advocate, and the editor of Haymarket Lifestyle and Gainesville Lifestyle magazines. She is also the author of two books, "Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl" and "500 Acres and No Place to Hide, More Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl". When not editing, writing, or reading, she enjoys painting furniture and sampling new Chardonnays. Just not at the same time.

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