Letter from the Editor, Warrenton Lifestyle, August 2019

A few years back, my border collie encountered a groundhog, and the groundhog was slightly the worse for wear after their meeting. Luckily, I didn’t have to panic about an injured groundhog; I knew just who to call. My next door neighbor, Nikki Stamps, is a certified wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator. A quick call, and she scooted over to my house with a cat carrier and big, heavy gloves and scooped up the little animal, nursed him back to health, and set him free again. Truth be told, I am now a little disgruntled, because I have a feeling that that particular groundhog is the one destroying my petunias. And I also think he was responsible for a bite my border collie received since then (requiring a trip to the emergency vet), but, hey, what goes around comes around. 

You may wonder what all this has to do with anything. August is, after all, our biggest issue of the year, when the winners of our Best of Fauquier Contest are announced. But my point is that while all our local businesses contribute to our quality of life, it’s also our people who make up our community. In a way, I feel that every issue of Warrenton Lifestyle continues in the vein of August’s annual “best of” theme, as every article we do exhibits something different and special about our community. 

Nikki is just one of those great people who contribute to our community and help make our county one of the best places to live. 

Barry McMahon, as another excellent example, is simply one of the best guys around, I think everyone who knows him would agree. As a recovering alcoholic, his goal is to help as many people as he can who are struggling with addiction, and he thinks our close, small community here has a good shot at going a long way to battling the disease. As he says, “We don’t have that many people here, we can help everybody get on the straight and narrow.” One of his goals with his Irish Golf Academy is to work with kids to teach them both golf and life lessons, which will undoubtedly help set these kids on the road to success and health. 

I’d like to congratulate all the winners of our Best of Fauquier, and thank everyone in our community, businesses and people, who go a long way toward making Fauquier “the best.” 




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Pam Kamphuis
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