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It turns out I received my first Christmas present early this year. Soon after the November issue came out, I found this email in my inbox.

Greetings, Pam…

I wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed the latest issue of your magazine. I’m new to the area and have seen maybe a dozen publications of this sort over the years (glossy ads wrapped in mostly ho-hum advertorial content) – in Leesburg, the Chicago and Dallas suburbs, and on and on. Warrenton Lifestyle is far and away the best of the bunch.

I somewhat nervously read the first article… and liked it… and then the second, third, straight through to the last page – probably every word. I ended up connecting with the folks at Open Book and Gloria’s about how I can get involved with what they’re doing. I even tore out the two recipes… and I’m no cook!

As a former journalist and PR guy, and I just thought you should know that you’re delivering some knock-out content. Nice work.

— Grant Rampy

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This letter means a lot to me for many reasons. Of course, like anyone else, I like to hear that people think I’m doing a good job. But just the fact that Mr. Rampy took the time to write in is special. I love to hear from my readers — those who like the content, but also those who may not (although I haven’t gotten any feedback like that, which is good). But the content of the issue drew the writer into the community and inspired him to get involved, which is my main goal in producing a local magazine.

We run occasional printed and social media promotions titled “Everyone has a story to tell,” encouraging people to let us know of any interesting things going on in our community that would make a good article. Some of our best stories have come in that way, as suggestions from readers. So please, I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of — or less of — in Warrenton Lifestyle. Call me at 540-349-2951 or email me at pam@piedmontpub.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing everyone in the Fauquier community a very happy holiday season.

Pam Kamphuis
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Pam Kamphuis is an editor and writer for Piedmont Virginian Magazine and Piedmont Lifestyle Magazines.

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