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Well, March is finally here, and, as of right now, we have hardly had any snow. Which is fine with me! 

So even though it might still be cold, it’s time to start looking forward to longer days, more sun, and eventually, warmer weather. 

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And flowers. They will be coming up soon, some may have already bloomed. The beauty of a garden filled with flowers and vegetables is something to be looked forward to, and some people, through hard work and perseverance, enjoy their own beautiful gardens during the spring and summer months. Unlike myself, who has to enjoy other people’s gardens as I avoid looking at the encroaching weeds in my own yard. 

Gardens are for people to enjoy, but they also serve another purpose: serving as a habitat for small wildlife. You may not want squirrels in your garden, but they are there, so might as well work with them! Jennifer Bowman of Catlett has embraced that concept. Her yard is certified as a wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. This is not very difficult to do, but doing so reminds her that she’s not alone in the garden. It makes her mindful of other creatures who make the garden their home as she designs her landscape and decides what to plant where. 

Last summer, Mollie Thorsen of Little Burros reached out to me about the possibility of an article about a gardening tool that her father had created. I thought, what a great article for one of the spring magazines, a garden theme. But this story is not what I thought it would be. Yes, the family invented a garden caddy, but the story doesn’t have much to do with gardening. It is the story of their family, and it is a moving one. It is the story of a family who is overcoming loss and is healing by reaching out to a special cause. 

Enjoy the issue and the coming spring! 

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