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My husband and I have been looking at those little teardrop trailers for camping. You know, the tiny ones that only have room for a bed inside, and the back opens up to a little kitchen? Well, it turns out they’re a little more expensive than you might think. So now our interest has turned to a Runaway Trailer…about a third of the price, but they don’t have that nifty little spot for a kitchen. We’d have to bring a table and keep the camp stove and the cooler and the coffee pot and all the other kitchen paraphernalia in the truck. But, possibly still workable. 

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We’ve done a bit of tent camping, and love it. But, to be clear, we are strictly fair weather campers. We’re not as adventurous as we used to be. So that means we don’t go camping when it’s too cold, or too hot, or too rainy, or too humid, or too windy, or too anything, for that matter. The circumstances have to be just about perfect for us to venture out into the outdoors. Hence our interest in the little camping trailers — with air conditioning and heat, it could extend the camping season quite a lot and provide a significant comfort level over a tent.  

 And it’s the coming of fall that’s turned our thoughts toward camping. We’d like to go tent camping once more before the cold weather sets in. And fall is the perfect time to camp. 

Autumn is, for some, the most anticipated season of the year. The weather finally breaks from the hot, humid summer into the clear, crisp, cooler days that we have been dreaming of. Pumpkin Spice Lattes aside, we can also look forward to fall flavors with the fall fruits coming into season (yes, pumpkins are a fruit — who knew?) And what better time than October to sit back and get acquainted with some of our local hard ciders?  

All these things can be enjoyed in abundance in Virginia, and our fall section will certainly help get you in the mood! Next issue: holidays — already? 


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