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I hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather we’ve begun to have. I know I am. Like many of us, I was weary of melting as soon as I walked out my door, and tired of entering the supermarket soaked in sweat only to freeze as soon as I stepped inside!

It’s not only the drop in temperature that makes me love the fall, though. It’s the chance to visit my favorite cideries – several of which we’ve profiled here – and hand out treats on Halloween. I get such a kick out of the costumes. If you need creative, inexpensive ideas for your trick-or-treater this year, don’t miss Kerry Molina’s do-it-yourself-with-stuff-you-found-in-your-closet column inside.

One of my other favorite things about this time of year is the rich color combinations - the burnt oranges, golden yellows, deep greens, and bright pinks. The pinks, of course, mean “schedule your mammogram, stat!” and if you haven’t, I hope you will. I also hope you’ll take a moment to read Christine Craddock’s terrific feature on Dr. John Williams. He’s the brains behind the Breast Cancer School for Patients and he’s committed to giving those with breast cancer the tools they need to make informed decisions about their care.


P.S. With so many terrific businesses in our area, it’s tough to keep track. That’s why the Haymarket Gainesville Business Association created a directory to help you out. It’s smack in the middle of this issue so you can’t miss it and I really hope you use it. Thanks!   

Read online!

Read Online!

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Susan McCorkindale is a mom, autism and mental health advocate, and the editor of Haymarket Lifestyle and Gainesville Lifestyle magazines. She is also the author of two books, "Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl" and "500 Acres and No Place to Hide, More Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl". When not editing, writing, or reading, she enjoys painting furniture and sampling new Chardonnays. Just not at the same time.

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