Biotrek Adventure Travels: 25 Years, 7 Continents, 1 Woman

Sunny Reynolds Spearheads Ecotour Experiences of a Lifetime

Sightseers can book a visit to just about any destination with a few clicks online. But if you’re an adventure seeker, call Biotrek and talk to Sunny Reynolds, who for the past quarter-century has organized and led small-group travel tours on every continent.

Reynolds credits her initial career as a professional photographer as the steppingstone to her current one. Multiple photography jobs sent her to Costa Rica in the 1980s, giving her an insider’s knowledge of a country that wasn’t well known at the time. Her advice became sought after, and looking through her photojournalist’s lens, Reynolds saw the potential benefits of combining her full understanding of a destination and love for travel. Biotrek was born in 1994.

Reynolds has always been ahead of the trends; she has always emphasized ecotourism and avoided over-tourism. She doesn’t waver from her belief that Biotrek clients get the most out of their trip when they experience what the typical tourist often doesn’t consider. That means traveling with small groups (no more than 10 people) and wowing them with natural and cultural wonders while conserving the environment and improving the well-being of the local people. And it means visiting destinations that focus on spectacular sights that are yet undiscovered by the masses.


“Some of the most memorable moments of my life have been made possible by Biotrek Adventure Travels,” says Barbara Eastman. “I’ve seen the sunrise at the Taj Mahal and from the highest pyramid at Tikal, witnessed the Ridley turtles hatching on a beach in Costa Rica, and traveled to the mouth of the Mayan underworld for an ancient ceremony.”

The sole proprietor of Biotrek for 25 years, Reynolds acknowledges that while technology advances have eased a host of potential logistical hurdles, they have also proven to be an ongoing challenge for her small business. However, Biotrek’s steady growth and success despite the explosion of do-it-yourself online travel plans are a testament to the quality of these unique adventures.

Biotrek’s remaining 2019 tours to Guatemala, Tanzania, Cuba, and Chile are fully booked, but there are six options available in 2020: Costa Rica, Argentina, India, Morocco, Galápagos Islands, Portugal, and a debut tour in Sicily. To learn more, visit or call (540) 349-0040.

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