DAY TRIP: A Sportsman’s Dream Come True

The APO RifleSports Lifestyle Experience offers once in lifetime opportunity

By Jay Pinsky

Now seems like an odd time to bring up Santa Claus, but this kind of news just can’t wait – Santa Claus is real. He just doesn’t live at the North Pole, he lives right smack dab in the middle of Virginia. Ruckersville, to be exact.

Just a short reindeer trot away from Charlottesville, tucked away in an industrial building that looks more like Fort Knox from the outside than Santa’s workshop, sits one of the world’s most prolific adult Christmas-wish granting facilities, Ashbury Precision Ordnance Manufacturing (APO). This entity is a small premier manufacturer of modern chassis-based precision rifles. APO is a world-class firearms factory, but the staff at APO is responsible for much more. They enable “once-in-a-lifetime” dreams to come true. How? APO provides all ages and genders RifleSports Lifestyle Experiences.

“APO RifleSports Lifestyle Experiences are full featured adventure travel activities providing clients incomparable shooting sports-related experiences designed to educate, inspire and entertain clients with exciting firearms-oriented adventures,” said Morris Peterson, president of Ashbury International Group Inc. “All of our experiences are inclusively tailored and professionally conducted, and are experiential adventures afield which promote the safe, responsible, and recreational use of firearms outdoors in a friendly, supportive environment using only the best equipment.” APO offers experiences in precision shooting, hunting, tactical firearms, and military sniper operations adventures, which Peterson feels are unequaled in the firearms or travel industries. 

According to Peterson, APO Experiences are individual and small group oriented to facilitate the best experiential interaction possible and can be created to accommodate youth and adults alike.  “We are specialists in creating experiences for men and women of all ages and we are especially adept at father-son and mother-daughter activities,” said Peterson. “Our clients have ranged in age from 12 years old to 75 years young.”

The idea behind the APO RifleSports Lifestyle Experience is forged from the desire of firearms enthusiasts who may want to experience more than their day-to-day circumstances, resources, or skill levels allow. APO, being masters of not just building a world-class firearm, decided to create opportunities where people who want more out of their adventure with firearms can get it safely and professionally.

“Think of APO Experiences as a ‘bucket list’ – and a fantasy fulfillment opportunity for experiences,” said Peterson. “Unless you sign up with the U.S. military, a civilian will never have the opportunity to serve our great nation as a soldier. However, they can spend a day, weekend, or even a week with some of the most elite warriors that protect our great nation. APO has decades of know-how serving the military, special operations, and sniper communities.  We have selected some of the best to provide a glimpse into worlds most will never see or know.”

“APO has more than 20 years of international involvement which has allowed us to build relationships with some of the most qualified firearms professionals in the world,” said Peterson. “We have an exceptionally well qualified staff here in Virginia with a broad range of experience and not just in firearms. Our contact base is quite broad, we enjoy exceptional relationships with industry notables, celebrities, and many special operations professionals around the world. APO Experiences are about RifleSports Lifestyles, culinary creations, camaraderie, history and a love of shooting.”

It is this opportunity, to feel what it is like to be a high-speed military firearms operator, hunter, or shooting sports professional, which Peterson and his staff at APO thinks is the very thing most gun enthusiasts would say is a dream come true. Along with rifled barrels, modular stocks, crispy triggers, and world-class weapons, APO manufactures raw dreams into realities. One of the best things about an APO adventure versus the reality of being an authentic military sniper, or other kind of tactical operator, is that the staff can custom its clients dreams to the reality of their physical fitness, shooting capabilities, and even their wallets.

“We are not running a boot camp or hunting above the tree line…that is unless they want to,” said Peterson. “APO works up a solid profile on each client, so we know who we are working with, what their expectations are, what they are capable of doing in the field and what experience they have with firearms. We concentrate on creating success stories.  We work with complete novices and experienced shooters and hunters. Our job is to understand our client, undersell and over deliver.”

Inclusive APO Experiences Precision Shooting and Military Sniper Operations adventures range in price for an individual from approximately 1,500 dollars for an extended day trip, to 7,500 dollars for a long weekend. Week long packages are also available, and costs may range from 13,500 dollars or more.  According to Peterson, hunting opportunities vary depending on the type and destination of the hunt. Tactical firearms experiences are more expensive due to the large quantities of ammunition expended. Peterson added amenities, supplemental activities, and special concierge services such as private aircraft charters are also available at an additional cost.

“APO is based at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and call’s central Virginia home,” said Peterson. “We have unique private facilities that allow our clients to shoot, hunt, fish and recreate in privacy.  We are internationally experienced, fully licensed, and have the capability of exporting our premium RifleSports Experiences throughout the United States and to select foreign countries.  We are shooting sports specialists, love the great outdoors and enjoy sharing our passion.”

Folks at APO not only build your rifle, but teach you how to use it, create adventures for you to help make your gun enthusiast dreams come true, all while wining and dining you on a world-class level. If you’re a firearms enthusiast with an active imagination for adventure, then stop daydreaming and create your dream now.

To learn more about the APO RifleSports Lifestyle Experience, visit APO online at Or email them at, or call 1-434-296-8600.


About the author:

James “Jay” Pinsky is a freelance journalist specializing in firearms, hunting, natural resources and agriculture. He is the founder of the nonprofit organization,Green Bow Foundation. He is the 2017 & 2013 Virginia Farm Bureau Agriculture Journalist of the Year, a two-time DoD Thomas Jefferson Award winner for military magazine writer of the year, and holds multiple awards from the annual Chief of Naval Information (CHINFO) and Military Photographer of the Year (MILPHOG) for his work with NMCB Five, Seabee Magazine, and All Hands Magazine. Jay is a honorably-retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer living in Remington.

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