Finding Summer Fun is a Walk in the Park

941 acres of land and 122 acres of water maintained by Fauquier County Parks and Recreation and the Town of Warrenton for summer adventures.

By Nathan Ray

During the summer, when the days are long with sunlight and clear skies from morning until evening, children’s initial excitement about a hiatus from the daily routine of school can often be replaced by boredom with the lack of constant activity. This deficit of structure can pose a challenge for parents as they scramble to come up with ways to keep their youngsters physically and mentally active throughout their vacation. Although the ease with which a seemingly unlimited number of movies, television shows, and video games may be accessed and consumed instantly in the modern media environment can tempt parents to entertain children with screen time during the summer, why not take advantage of the many amenities that our Fauquier County Parks and Town of Warrenton Parks have to offer?

Fauquier County Parks and Recreation maintains a multitude of wonderful facilities, totalling 941 acres of maintained land and 122 acres of water, that present guests of all ages with opportunities to actively engage with the outdoors and with our county’s past. Whether you and your family are eager to stretch your legs on a wooded hiking trail, start a pick-up game of your favorite team sport, get an intimate look at local fish and plants, or simply enjoy a picnic in the summer sun, there are plenty of ways to immerse one’s mind and body in the natural majesty of our region’s parks. From staples of the local landscape, such as the beloved and active arboretum at the Town of Warrenton's Rady Park maintained by Master Gardeners, to newly introduced attractions, like the much-anticipated Rappahannock river access at Fauquier County's Riverside Preserve, no two parks are alike, each offering its own unique experience for guests. This summer vacation, take advantage of all our county parks have to offer; you won’t be disappointed!

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Riverside Preserve

N. Fauquier Community Park

Monroe Park

CM Crockett Park

Crockett Park
10066 Rogues Road, Midland
Size: 100 acres
Germantown Lake (fishing, boat rentals, boat launch facilities)
Picnic shelters
Volleyball and horseshoe facilities
Beginner and advanced orienteering course
Cross-country trails for hiking and jogging (¼ mile, 1 mile, and 1 ½ mile options)
Entrance Fees:
Park entrance for non-Fauquier vehicles: $7.00
Park entrance for Fauquier vehicles: Free
Boat launch fee for non-Fauquier boats: $3.00
Boat launch fee for Fauquier boats: Free

Monroe Park
14421 Gold Dust Parkway, Goldvein
Size: 14 acres
Gold Mining Camp Museum (The only museum in Virginia solely dedicated to the history of gold and gold mining)
Gold Panning and Gem Mining Sluice
Free gold panning demonstrations (Wednesday, Sunday 2 p.m.)
Bags of mining rough with gold, gems, minerals, or fossils available for purchase
Athletic fields
ADA accessible playground
Quarter-mile paved ADA accessible trail
Picnic shelter
Entrance Fees:
Entrance into both the park and the Gold Mining Camp Museum is free

Northern Fauquier Community Park
4155 Monroe Parkway, Marshall
Size: 88 acres
Picnic shelters
Athletic fields
Playgrounds (three)
1.75 mile paved walking trail
Fishing pond
Entrance Fees: None

Rady Park
(Town of Warrenton)
725 Fauquier Road, Warrenton
Size: 7 acres
Arboretum with educational information
Playgrounds (two)
Picnic area
Covered picnic pavilion
Stream (no fishing)
Soccer and volleyball facilities
Baseball field
Paved walking paths
Entrance Fees: None

Riverside Preserve
8150 Leeds Manor Rd, Marshall
Size: 196 acres
Canoe and kayak drop-off access on the Rappahannock river
Hiking trails
Entrance Fees:
Free on weekends
A permit is required for entrance into the park Monday-Friday
6-month permit (Apr. 1 - Sept. 30): $50
12-month permit (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31): $75

Upperville Park
8579 John S. Mosby Highway, Upperville
Size: 5.9 acres
New nature-themed playground
Diamond athletic field
Picnic area
Historical interpretation signage
Entrance Fees: None

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