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Announcing the results of our 2022 Pet Contest! 

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First Place


Kelsie Marker

By Lindsay Hogeboom

By Christine Craddock

Get to know Jackson

Tell me about Jackson: what is his breed and age?
He’s four years old, and he’s a mix, but primarily Australian Shepherd. I think it’s the Aussie in him that gives him his great personality. 

How did he come into your life?
I adopted him when he was about three months old. He’d been abandoned in the woods near a friend’s house in Bealeton. They were going to keep him, but he was too high-strung. 

Aussies can be energetic. What was he like as a puppy?
He was a terrible puppy! But I always knew I would keep him, I just needed to figure out what he needed. He’s just so cute you can’t say no to him. I took him to Sit Means Sit, and he’s the coolest dog now. I take him everywhere with me. He really likes to meet people and other dogs. I take him to the Farmers Market and the dog park and to eat at Molly’s, and he loves the attention. 

What is his favorite thing to do?
He loves sticks! My boyfriend is clearing his yard to put in a fence, and Jackson’s helping him by digging out roots. I think he thinks they’re just underground sticks. 

How has he changed your life?
Oh my gosh-he’s changed me in every way. He’s made me more responsible. He taught me to be more loving and compassionate, and he helps me stay active. I just moved here, so he helps me get out and meet people. I didn’t know I could love a dog this much. 

Second Place

Andrew Welch

This green-bean loving, high energy, full of character bundle of joy joined our family 15 months ago. Charlie has been the perfect addition. He enjoys walks on the Greenway, chasing (and sometimes retrieving) his tennis ball, and ringing a bell when it's time to go out - or it's just time for a game! His nightly zoomies lead to exhaustion followed by a cuddle on the couch while our floors have never been cleaner due to his constant wagging. Every person he meets is his newest best friend!

Third Place

Minnie Young

Pickles is a super sweet dog who loves visiting with neighbors. She greets everyone with full enthusiasm and brings cheer wherever she goes. She's a very hardworking Welsh Terrier and performs her tricks when asked.

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