Best of Haymarket/Gainesville 2019: Best Veterinary Practice

Best Veterinary Practice

Stonewall Veterinary Clinic

Stonewall Veterinary Clinic has been a staple in the Gainesville community since 2003.  Originally located at the intersection of Gallerher and Route 29, it was founded by two veterinary professionals, Dr. Lauri Fauss, DVM and Cheryl Collins, a licensed veterinary technician, who wanted to bring their love of pets and desire to serve the community to Gainesville and Haymarket.   The clinic’s motto is, “Exceptional care for family pets,” and the group lives it every day. The clinic has grown by leaps and bounds since its early days and is now located in a state-of-the-art facility in Heritage Village Plaza. Co-founder Cheryl passed away in 2017, but her memory is still very much felt in how the clinic operates and the love provided to each and every pet who walks through their doors.

Stonewall has won the “Best Of” award for eight years running and it’s no wonder why.  When you bring your pet to Stonewall Veterinary clinic, you immediately feel that you are part of a tight-knit family.  And while the staff is not small – with seven doctors, (three full-time and four part-time), four licensed veterinary technicians, eight assistant veterinary technicians and six customer service representatives – you are not just a number.  The staff gets to know you and your pet. Even if you have a wary pet who shakes or hides under the chair, more often than not, your pet is greeted by name when you walk through the doors, and while that might not make your pet less nervous, it certainly helps pet owners. 

Each practitioner is an animal lover – every one of them has many pets including horses, dogs and cats and several have farms.  The doctors and staff form personal attachments to animals they treat. Any pet owner who has had the difficult task of putting an animal down at the clinic knows how deeply the providers care, as many send hand-written letters to the family.  Long time patient Marta Bensen said, “Stonewall has been our veterinary clinic for the last 16 years, and a part of our family. We have sat and held hands with them as we waited to see if our new puppy would make it through a horrible illness (he is now a thriving eight-year-old sweet boy) and they have never let go.  They have been there for us for the routine visits with hugs for all and emergency situations when we arrived in a panic and left feeling at peace. They truly practice amazing veterinary medicine, but also practice with their hearts and our dogs feel it.”

Stonewall provides routine physical check-ups, dentals, laser therapy, acupuncture, ultrasounds, surgeries and in-house x-rays. The clinic is not a boarding facility but will board client’s cats who need shots/medications and require special care.  The clinic also has an on-site pharmacy and carries many prescription foods. 

What makes Stonewall Veterinary Clinic different from other practices? Becky Turner, clinic manager said, “Our number one priority is the care of the patient.  We don’t push anything that the pet doesn’t need. We only suggest medicines or therapies that will help make their lives better.” 

When asked for the best advice for pet owners, the response is simple:  prevention is the best medicine. “We recommend that your pet receive routine check-ups (just as you would for yourself), keep them up to date on their vaccines and their heartworm, flea and tick preventatives,” said Turner.

Stonewall Veterinary Clinic is open from 8 am – 7 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 8 am – 5 pm on Wednesday and Friday, and from 8 am – 12 noon on Saturday. The clinic’s website provides a wealth of information including pet FAQ’s, services offered, and Petly, the patient portal that helps pet owners keep track of appointments, vaccines, medications and more.  For more information about Stonewall Veterinary Clinic, call or visit the website.

7627 Heritage Village Plaza, Gainesville / P: 703-754-9888
W: / FB: @StonewallVet

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  1. These guys are great. They are so gentle and kind to my poor nervous pup. They’re always patient with her and quick so she doesn’t have to be there long.

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