Stonewall Veterinary Clinic

Helping pets live long and healthy lives

Stonewall Veterinary Clinic has been providing exceptional care for local furry friends since 2003. A space on the wall will have to be reserved for the 2017 plaque to go alongside the ones highlighting their win for Best Veterinary Practice in the Best of Haymarket contest every year since 2011. Dr. Lauri Fauss, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), and Cheryl Collins, Licensed Veterinary Technician, co-own this friendly, dedicated practice where pets are treated with love and affection, and are appreciated as an essential part of the families in our community.

Dr. Fauss’ childhood dream to become a veterinarian turned into a career she says is most rewarding when she is “helping pets live long and happy lives with the people who love them.” She finds the ability of animals to trust and be resilient the most fascinating part of working with them, and urges owners to pay close attention to their pets and report any subtle changes to the staff at Stonewall.

Another member of the staff who has desired a veterinary career since childhood is Dr. Olivia Schlichting, DVM. She finds the appreciation people show her when she is able to help their pet the most rewarding part of being an associate veterinarian at Stonewall. But her passion for animals lies in their ability to communicate–that is, if “we are able to interpret how they express themselves” she says. Dr. Schlichting’s best advice is to “ask lots of questions, explore all your different options, and allow us to help you make the decisions that are best for you and your pet.”

A common quote attributed to Dr. Collins sums it up. “Stonewall Veterinary Clinic is privileged to have a very talented and dedicated group of people on staff,” she says. When bringing their animals to Stonewall Veterinary Clinic, pet owners will experience staff that care deeply about them and their animals, and feel confident that they are receiving the highest level of care and expertise, says Dr. Fauss. Dr. Schlichting echoes that sentiment by explaining her desire for pet owners “to know we care about both their pets and about them!”


Stonewall Veterinary Clinic

7627 Heritage Village Plaza in Gainesville


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