The Results Are In: Lifestyle’s Cutest Pet Contests

Fauquier's Cutest Pet 2020

First Place: Dwight

First Place: Dwight

This year, for the first time, our Cutest Pet Contest winner is a cat! Clearly, a lot of our voters thought he was the cutest one out there. Owner Karla Yocum says that not only is he beautiful, but he’s also the sweetest cat around. Dwight came into the Yocums’ life on a winter day in 2014. Not being in the market for a pet at the time — or so they thought — they took him to the shelter to be rehomed. But then they were told that the cat had feline AIDS and would be euthanized. After some research and discussion, the Yocums returned to the shelter and brought Dwight home for good. With proper veterinary care, Dwight has a normal life expectancy, and, Karla wrote, “We’re lucky to have him!"

Second Place: Charlee

Since she was 12 weeks old, Charlee has been a therapy pup at Warrenton Dentistry, providing affection and comfort for patients. According to owner Jamie Childress, she’s as sweet on the inside as she is cute on the outside. 

Third Place: Banyan

According to owner Andie Lyle, Banyan is a happy and smiling pup who cheers everyone around her. She loves dressing up and will always stop what she’s doing to pose for the camera. 

Haymarket's Cutest Pet 2020

First Place: Jose

José is a 9-year old chihuahua-dachshund mix who’s human parents, Nicole and Dominick Amendolaro, rescued him a year ago. José loves lounging in the sun and hanging out by the fireplace when it’s cold. He also loves hugs and treats, and is simply the sweetest, most loveable pup anyone could ever ask for. 

Second Place: Radar

Radar is a 2-and-a-half-year-old gentle giant with lots of personality. He thinks he’s a lap dog, loves to play ball, and is just such a sweetie. 

Third Place: Dixie

An adorable rescue whose human mom enjoys outfitting her for photos, Dixies enjoys sleeping, treats, and helping others as a member of Manassas Therapy Dogs

Gainesville's Cutest Pet 2020

First Place: Jethro

Jethro is a 7-month-old Basset Hound who’s lucky he’s cute. According to his human mom, Sam Helton, “Jethro was 12-weeks-old when we brought him home and it’s a good job he’s so cute as he has really tested both my patience and training ability! He is a real character; he chews everything, steals laundry and won’t listen to anything we say. A typical stubborn Basset really. Jethro’s favorite thing to do is play with Maris and Juga, our other two dogs. He also loves to go out and meet new people and dogs, and he really loves eating and sleeping!”  

Second Place: Kona

Kona is a sweet, 2-and-a-half-year-old Bernese Mountain dog. She loves helping in the kitchen, and is always eager to lick the spoon at the end! She loves kids, treats, and belly rubs and is just the goofiest and most loving dog around. 

Third Place: Bella

According to Bella’s human mom, Teresa Phillips, Bella is the sweetest little dog; she loves people and  is very friendly and affectionate. 

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