Gainesville Lifestyle

Middleburg Bank, 8190 Stonewall Shops Square, Gainesville

Paisanos Restaurant, 7368 Atlas Walk Way, Gainesville

Northwest Federal Credit Union, 7500 Webb Drive, Gainesville

Haymarket Gainesville Community Library, 14870 Lightner Road, Haymarket

Piedmont Lifestyle main office, 70 Main St., #32, Warrenton

Haymarket Lifestyle

Haymarket Gainesville Community Library, 14870 Lightner Road, Haymarket

The Very Thing for Her, 15000 Washington St., Suite 110, Haymarket

Haymarket Town Hall, 15000 Washington St, Haymarket

Hidden Julles 14590 Washington St. Haymarket

Pizzarama 14950 Washington St. Haymarket

Fosters Grill, 4418 Costello Way, Haymarket

Fauquier Bank 15240 Washington St. Haymarket

Piedmont Lifestyle main office, 70 Main St., #32, Warrenton

Warrenton Lifestyle


Old Salem Restaurant, 4197 Winchester Road, Marshall

The Whole Ox, 8357 W. Main St. Marshall

Red Truck Bakery, 8368 W Main St, Marshall,

Joe’s Pizza, 8453 West Main St. Marshall

Big Dog Pots, 8287 East Main Street Marshall

Little Fox Coffee, 8375 West Main St., Marshall

CFC Farmers Co-Op, 8222 East Main St., Marshall

Tractor Supply, 4203 Old Stockyard Rd., Marshall

Glascloks Grocery, 8294 E Main St, Marshall

Marshall Diner, 8453 W Main St, Marshall

Gentle Harvest, 8372 W Main St, Marshall,

New Baltimore

This ’n That Outlet, 5451 Old Alexandria Turnpike, New Baltimore

Spitony’s Pizza, 5063 Lee Hwy, New Baltimore

Northside 29, 5037 Lee Hwy, New Baltimore

Eden’s Natural Market, 16328 Lee Highway, New Baltimore

Mayhughs Market, 5171 Lee Highway New Baltimore

Buckland Farm Market, 4484 Lee Highway, New Baltimore

Fauquier Bank, New Baltimore

The Plains

Front Porch Restaurant 6483 Main Street, The Plains

Railstop 6478 Main St. The Plains

Zig Zag 6477 Main St. The Plains

Happy Creek Coffee 6485 Main St. The Plains

Old Tavern Store, 5090 Old Tavern Rd., The Plains

Crest Hill Antiques, 4303 Fauquier Ave., The Plains

Vint Hill

Covert Cafe, 7168 Lineweaver Rd, Warrenton

Old Bust Head Brewery, 7134 Lineweaver Rd, Warrenton

Vint Hill Community Center, 4235 Aiken Drive, Warrenton


Foster’s Grille, 20 Broadview Ave., Warrenton

WARF, 800 Waterloo Rd., Warrenton

Waterloo Cafe, 352 Waterloo St., Warrenton

Cafe Torino, 388 Waterloo St., Warrenton

Great Harvest Bread Company, 108 Main St., Warrenton

Warrenton Visitors Center, 33 N Calhoun St,, Warrenton

Fauquier Library, 11 Winchester St., Warrenton

Designs by Teresa, 7 Main Street, Warrenton

El Agave, 251 W. Lee Hwy, Ste 640, Warrenton

Frost Diner, 55 Broadview Ave., Warrenton

Renees Cafe, 3rd St., Warrenton

Voncanon General Store, 92 Main St., Warrenton

Bistro on the Hill, Fauquier Hospital, Warrenton

Piedmont Lifestyle main office, 70 Main St., #32, Warrenton