Letter from the Editor, Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, March 2019

By the time this issue reaches the stands, winter will be starting, we hope, anyway, to loosen its hold on our area. The days will be getting longer, the nights shorter, and the sun a little stronger and we will all be eager to get outside.

But am I being premature? March is still technically winter, and spring is so close, yet so far. The landscape is still brown and grey. But I hope in this issue to help you look forward to the splendour that spring will bring.

For some of us, that means getting the garden planned and started (more on that below). For some, it means getting out into the great outdoors — think of getting out to the mountains; our outdoors writer Andreas Keller has written about the local Blue Mountain Hiking Club. For others, it means just simply enjoying the warmer weather and spring blooms that bring the landscape back to life. For a preview to help cope with spring fever, immerse yourself in our selection of our talented Fauquier artists’ images of florals and spring landscapes.

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As the sun warms the earth, many of us have our thoughts turning to the garden. Whether flower or vegetable, it’s time to start planning our season’s landscape.

I am a gardening dropout. I manage to keep house plants alive, but success with anything planted in the yard seems to evade me. I have been known to start out strong in the spring, but cop out the second the weather gets hot in the summer, allowing the weeds to reach embarrassing (think shoulder-level) heights in my gardens. It’s a shame, really, since our house has gorgeous garden beds installed by a previous owner. But I have never been able to do them justice. My mother, one of those avid, perfect gardeners, is appalled.

However, there is possible salvation for me. Through an article for this issue I have been introduced to the concept of Square Foot Gardening, a method of gardening that takes less space, less water, less expense, and, get this, takes only two percent of the work of a conventional garden. Should I try it?

For those of you who do have the knack of coaxing beautiful flowers or edible produce from the earth, whether you are going to give this new-fangled method a try or are a steadfast conventional gardener, you’re going to need seedlings if you haven’t started your seeds indoors. Did you know that quite a few farmers at the Warrenton Farmers Market sell not only their produce, but seedlings as well to help get you started on growing your own food? No need to visit the big box stores, you can get your carefully grown, lovingly tended started plants right at the corner of 5th and Lee Streets on Saturdays, starting in mid-April. Meet some of the farmers of our Farmers Market in this issue.

And just hang on…spring is really right around the corner!




Pam Kamphuis, Editor, Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine

Pam Kamphuis
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