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I think I’ve started every editors note I’ve ever written in the summertime with “I’m from New England and I can’t stand the heat down here.” The first year I moved down here I actually packed up and went home when mid-June hit, not coming back until late October.

Well, once you grow up, life’s not like that...no taking six months and just taking off and supporting yourself by waiting tables at a summer resort and hoping your job was still available upon your return.

Well, I’m over it now. I’m a grown up. I’m good. I can handle it. Probably mostly because I work in an air-conditioned office during the week, I figure I can hack the heat on weekends. This year I vow to keep my flower beds weeded, no matter how hot it gets.

So what’s good about the summertime? Well, the food, for one thing. I have a questionably successful herb garden with a minimal amount of herbs in my backyard. Basil, oregano, and rosemary. And, of course, all those pesky chive-type weed things that keep popping up everywhere. But while we have fresh herbs in the summer, I rarely remember to go pick any and use them. So we came up with Recipes by the Herb, and gathered recipes specifically for herbs you may have growing in your yard as we speak. And these are such fresh, summery recipes! Get the freshest local vegetables and meats, maybe from the farms market or your local CSA, and start cooking! And as far as berries, it’s berry-picking season...head to your local berry patch and gather your own berries...that is absolutely the freshest you’ll get...right from the plant!

This summer, enjoy the bounty that Virginia can provide from the land, and enjoy the heat!


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