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Many of you have been enjoying, and learning from, the IT articles Dok Klaus of Dok Klaus Computer Care  has written over the many years Warrenton Lifestyle has been publishing, both for Tony and Holly Tedeschi and through the transition to current Rappahannock Media ownership. Not only is Klaus a longtime local business owner and valued member of the community, but also a great friend of the magazine.

This is a unique article from him, because it’s not from an IT perspective, but from his heart. He wants to connect with his readers on a more personal level and we are happy to provide a forum for that. Klaus writes of the importance of family, and I believe support from our tight-knit community is also invaluable to him during this time. 

We thank him for all his articles and expertise, and welcome any more that might come our way. 

A Word from Dok

We can all agree that 2020 was tough. For me it was a life-changing year and 2021 has been much the same.

On the evening before the election last year, I suddenly had a seizure and after some scans I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Totally unexpected! Most of the tumor was removed a week later. Thankfully I survived both the seizure and the brain surgery and woke up again with my mind intact. Following the surgery, I endured weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. More treatments continue, but this kind of cancer has no cure yet. Currently I am wearing a cool medical device on my head called Optune, which is supposed to stop any cancer cells from multiplying. 

It is amazing how technology has changed over the years. Doctors are able to scan my brain and find tiny cancer cells. On one day I can consult with medical professionals over Zoom, check my medical charts online, Skype with family in Germany, and then log in remotely to client computers to help with their IT issues. This has been especially great during the pandemic, since I was immunocompromised, but could still communicate with the outside world.

Most of the time, I am feeling ok, but am more tired than usual. I still work at the office, but less than before. I have been able to keep the family business running with the help of my great team, including my wife and daughters. I just hired two new employees to help with our workload and hope to run the business for some more years. Next year, 2022 will be our 20th year of business! If you’d like to help us, please bring in your computer for servicing or buy gift cards. And a good word from clients has always helped. We appreciate all your support and the kind words from those who have heard about my diagnosis.

Looking back, I don’t regret starting my own business. It has been adventurous, but rewarding. Being your own boss makes you work even harder and you have to live with your decisions. Also, the regular paycheck and weekends off were nice, too. I’ve enjoyed the freedom to make decisions about the work my team and I do. Over the years, I was able to improve the quality of our services at Dok Klaus Computer Care, teach classes, and provide one-on-one instruction for anyone who wanted to learn more about using their computer. I am grateful for my employees for  their extra support these past months and proud of what we have accomplished together!

I am happy with what I achieved in my life, but things have not always gone the way I expected them to. But we all have to make the best out of our situation. Now I get to say goodbye to friends and family over the next months and years. Many people just die unexpectedly from an accident, a stroke, or COVID-19 without having that opportunity. I know people that were dying in the hospital without their loved ones able to visit them. In that respect, I consider myself lucky. I can have my family around me, with my daughters each doing their own part: Silvia who lives in Germany was able to visit and take an active role in keeping the company running. Melanie has been a strong emotional support and Martha has kept us organized. In June and July, I will visit my family in Germany as well. When you don’t know how long you have, family becomes more important than ever. Hold your loved ones close.

Klaus Fuechsel
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Klaus Fuechsel owns the local award-winning computer repair store Dok Klaus Computer Care. He and his team deal with all kinds of computer issues; data preservation is one of their top priorities. You may contact Dok Klaus via phone 540-428-2376 or visit his website.

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  1. Dok, thank you. My computer is running better than it was when I got it about three years ago. For a non-computer person to say that is alot. I cannot say thank you enough.

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