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Care and compassion for children and families

It takes a special soul to be able to handle caring for the smallest and sometimes most fragile members of our families. It also takes a particular kind of person to make worried parents feel at ease. The doctors at Haymarket Pediatrics excel in both these aspects.

The Haymarket location and the personal, dedicated staff contribute to keeping the original vision of a small town practice providing exceptional care for newborns through college-age children. Since opening, the office has grown to include three pediatricians who serve the majority of families in our community.

Dr. Edward Michel opened Haymarket Pediatrics in 2003. His desire to become a pediatrician stemmed from fond memories of his childhood pediatrician – a person who displayed particular compassion to Dr. Michel and his siblings after the loss of their father. Dr. Michel feels his role as a father helped shape his career and his empathy and care as a doctor. He finds fulfillment in “watching new parents grow into confident and loving caregivers and watching children grow up and mature” while also being an integral part of the community.

In 2005, Dr. Elizabeth Bauer joined the practice. She says having her own children allowed her to appreciate even more “what an honor it is that these parents entrust me to care for their most precious gifts.” She highlights the resiliency of children, explaining their “uncanny ability to smile through even the most difficult situations and seem to find happiness where few adults could. Their joy is contagious and can brighten even your worst day.”

Dr. Julia Krulla rounds out this trio of dedicated physicians. The most rewarding aspect of pediatrics for her is watching children grow and witnessing families overcome challenges. When asked what fascinates her the most about children, she echos Dr. Bauer’s sentiments about their resiliency. “No matter how horrible the illness, genetic defects, trauma or family circumstance, they can somehow overcome and thrive and even in the instance that they don’t, their little lives have such a substantial impact on the world around them.”

Dr. Michel, Dr. Krulla, and Dr. Bauer want patients and their families to feel they are getting personal, individual care since each child requires different direction and unique guidance for their particular path. “We also have an incredibly caring and professional staff and have employed all RNs as fellow caregivers – most with years of experience as mothers – who are capable of giving medical advice on a professional and personable level,” says Dr. Michel. Dr. Krulla goes even further, saying that when parents contact any of the staff at Haymarket Pediatrics, they should feel like they are asking “a trusted family member–one who just happens to have a medical degree.” And since the beginning, parents are given access to each doctor’s personal cell phone number when needing assistance outside of business hours. At this time, Haymarket Pediatrics is only accepting newborns and their families as new patients; this assures they are able to continue to be accessible to the families they serve.

Advice to Parents

“Listen, be present (in every sense of the word… physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually) and be involved, but not over – involved, in their lives.” – Dr. Krulla

“My advice to parents based on my almost 25 years of experience is play with your kids! As electronics become a bigger part of our world I truly believe keeping your kids disconnected for as long as possible helps promote better family and social connections and as kids enter school make rules for electronics and stick to them. Also lead by example, more and more when coming into rooms I have parents and kids staring at electronics instead of conversing with each other. Still to this day reading is the number 1 predictor of school success and playing music is also a great predictor of school success. So unplug and read and listen to music!!” – Dr. Michel


Haymarket Pediatrics

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