Unique Colorful Side Dishes for your Thanksgiving Table

The holidays are here, and it’s time to start cooking! For Thanksgiving, the turkey, of course, is the main attraction: perfectly browned, juicy, and tasting of flavors you may not have experienced since last year. But the turkey can’t carry the day alone — a true Thanksgiving feast involves a multitude of side dishes usually featuring seasonal vegetables that also may not have made an appearance since last year. But why not up the ante a little this year? Instead of plain old squash, present your table with a light, fluffy squash souffle, and instead of a dish of mashed sweet potatoes, serve them in orange cups topped with marshmallows. This will add a gorgeous colorful dish to your table that the kids will totally be attracted to… who doesn’t love marshmallows that have been perfectly browned looking like they just came from over a campfire?

Downloadable, printable recipe

Downloadable, printable recipe

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