Unique Colorful Side Dishes for your Thanksgiving Table

The holidays are here, and it’s time to start cooking! For Thanksgiving, the turkey, of course, is the main attraction: perfectly browned, juicy, and tasting of flavors you may not have experienced since last year. But the turkey can’t carry the day alone — a true Thanksgiving feast involves a multitude of side dishes usually featuring seasonal vegetables that also may not have made an appearance since last year. But why not up the ante a little this year? Instead of plain old squash, present your table with a light, fluffy squash souffle, and instead of a dish of mashed sweet potatoes, serve them in orange cups topped with marshmallows. This will add a gorgeous colorful dish to your table that the kids will totally be attracted to… who doesn’t love marshmallows that have been perfectly browned looking like they just came from over a campfire?

Downloadable, printable recipe

Downloadable, printable recipe

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  1. Dear Warrenton Magazine, I was so happy to see your cover with the orange sweet potato side dish. My grandmother, Lou O’Bannon from Marshall VA made these every Thanksgiving. She lived in the house on Main Street Marshall where Field and Main is now. Thank you so much for bringing back my most cherished memories.

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